The Second Column PodcastMike, Joe, Carlos and Sean look back on the first 199 episodes and look forward to a new podcast. They are joined in-studio by friends and loved ones.
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Amy RhodesWriter Amy Rhodes (Ellen) joins the second-last Second Column podcast to talk about her "famous" mom, why she bakes and meeting Michelle Obama. You can watch Amy and her mom tour a haunted house for Ellen here. Download Epsiode

Episode 199 L.A. Buns David Saenz and John Kyle GradyComedians John Kyle Grady and David Saenz join The Second Column podcast to talk about one-night stands, Los's trip to L.A. Buns and what it's like to be shot at. (It's very scary.) | Download Episode
Episode 197 The Second Fort Podcast The Fort PodcastEd Galvez and Kevin Ford (The Fort Podcast) join The Second Column to talk about second dates, kicking weed and the future of The Second Column. | Download Episode
Episode 196 The Hammer

Oren KaplanDirector Oren Kaplan (The Hammer) talks about directing his first feature film, working with deaf actors, raising money for an independent movie and listens to a couple of awful movie pitches from Mike and Carlos. For more info about The Hammer, as well as movie times and locations, go to: | Download Episode


The Second Column is a free weekly comedy podcast that features four improv actors who trade stories and jokes with their favorite comics, actors, writers and musicians in Los Angeles.

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