Mike Costantini, Joe Donatelli, Carlos Jaime, Sean KearneyThe Second Column is a weekly comedy podcast that features four improvisational actors who trade stories and jokes with their favorite comics, actors, writers and musicians in Los Angeles. Guests include Eddie Pepitone ("The Sarah Silverman Program"), Amy Rhodes ("Ellen"), Jen Kirkman ("Chelsea Lately"), John Ross Bowie (Big Bang Theory), Sean Conroy ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien"), Rasika Mathur ("Wild 'N Out"), Neil Campbell (Upright Citizens Brigade LA artistic director) and stand-up comics Ed Galvez and Asterios Kokkinos, among many others. The show is driven by its cast - Michael Costantini, Joe Donatelli, Carlos Jaime and Sean Kearney. The longtime friends and improvisers have a chemistry that makes each episode fun for that week's guest - and the audience. The Second Column podcast launched on Sept. 15, 2007. It was the first podcast on the Internet. (No, it wasn't.)



This is how our listeners describe the show:

"Sean, the young hotshot comic relief. Carlos, the porn-obsessed pop culture fan boy. Mike, the odd-yet-lovable pariah. And Joe, the ringleader trying desperately to control the madness. Throw in topics ranging from social minutia to world events and you've got yourself a weekly, hour-long podcast that's sure to tickle your funny bone. Hard."

"With the boys in your ear, you're a part of the discussions, the razzings and deep thoughts that only come from being friends. It's like being able to sit in the cool table at the cafeteria -- anywhere, anytime."

"If you like the Ricky Gervais podcast or Jimmy Pardo's, you'll like this."

"I love this podcast because the guys are hilarious and the topics are geared towards my demographic. My dog loves it because I listen to it on my iPod when I'm walking him and he always gets an extra-long walk when I do so. I just can't go back inside until I hear everything these guys come up with."

"A funny podcast every week. Always good for laughs, embarrassing stories and very awkward comments that leave you wondering, 'Did he just say that?' Highly enjoyable."


Mike Costantini

Mike CostantiniMike Costantini is the executive producer, engineer, sound designer, music composer, sound board operator, mixer, talent booker, feed creator, co-host, and co-creator of The Second Column podcast. He also is co-founder of the comedy group Hero Style and the improv team Pangea. Costantini is a music composer for film and television whose music has appeared on "The X-Files," "ER," "Las Vegas," "America's Next Top Model," and FOX Sports NFL broadcasts. Costantini won an Emmy in 2004 as an assistant composer on "Static Shock" and was nominated in 2003. The Los Angeles native is a graduate of USC. Mike is also the co-host and producer of The Fort Podcast.


Joe Donatelli

Joe DonatelliJoe Donatelli is the executive producer, co-founder and host of The Second Column podcast. He also is the co-founder of the comedy group Hero Style and improv group Pangea. Joe is a writer whose columns and articles have been published online and in newspapers and magazines across the country. Donatelli was born in Cleveland and has a degree in journalism news-writing and editing from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

Carlos Jaime

Carlos JaimeCarlos Jaime is co-host of The Second Column podcast. He has studied improvisational comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade and performs with the improv team Red Hat Ladies. He also has appeared in sketch shows with the comedy group Hero Style. He is a graduate of Cal-State Los Angeles.


Sean Kearney

Sean KearneySean Kearney is the youngest member of The Second Column team, which
virtually assures that he will outlive everyone in the group, except
for maybe Mike. He met the gang at the UCB theater in Hollywood and
has been performing with Mike and Joe in the improv group Pangea since
2006. He likes video games, prison documentaries, and Bruce