Sean Conroy Get's Punched In The Face

Sean ConroyIn Episode 65: What I liked about Outliers, special guest Sean Conroy describes being punched in the face after cutting a motorist off on the road. Violence is never funny, but when Conroy talks about it, you laugh. Download Clip 
Clip Length: 1 min.
Air Date: 1/11/09


Carlos Talks About His Neighbors Having Crazy, Loud Sex Every Night

Carlos JaimeIn Episode 80: Love Thy Neighbor But Screw With The Lights Out, Carlos talks about his neighbors having really loud sex every night. Carlos lives with his parents and the sexual activities in the next appartment caused a huge, awkward moment between Carlos and his mother. This clip is hilarious and filled with awkwardness. This episode featured guests Dan and Tom Donatelli. Download Clip 
Clip Length: 5 min. 25 sec.
Air Date: 4/25/09


The Greatest Ball-Busting Moment of the Second Column Podcast

Ed Galvez Relaxing Before A TapingIn Episode 52: The Saddest Places To Drink, guest comedians Kevin Ford and Ed Galvez get into one of the best ball-busting moments in the history of The Second Column podcast. This show is known for ball-busting, but this is the best to date. Drinking was heavily involved. Download Clip.
Clip Length: 2 min. 39 sec.
Air Date: 10/5/08

Classic Clip

Kevin FordKevin Ford Gets The Hiccups

In Episode 22: Flavenoid Behavior Theory, regular guest comedian and creator of "Agent Bear" Kevin Ford gets drunk by the end of the show and gets a terrible case of the hiccups. This is a Second Column Podcast favorite. It was as if someone put laughing gas in the room. Kevin can barely get through his own plugs at the end of the show. Kevin can regularly be seen performing improv and sketch around Los Angeles in the improv troupe The Great Adventure. Download Clip
Clip Length: 4 min. 16 sec.
Episode Air Date: March 9th 2008


Mike Defends The New Aftermath Sound Effect

Mike CostantiniNo one likes the new Aftermath sound effect. Mike tries to defend the new sound effect and is riddled with insults. This is from Episode 55: What I Fear with special guest Doug Driesel Jr. Download Clip
Clip Length: 1 min. 24 sec.
Episode Air Date: October 25, 2008

Chris Mosier's Hilarious Hiring Story

Chris MosierIn Episode 36: In Opposition to the Open Door Policy, guest comedian and writer Chris Mosier tells the hilarious story of an interview for a coaching position that gets completely out of hand. If you have ever had a bad job interview, this clip is for you. This episode also featured writer Dan Donatelli. Download Clip 
Episode Air Date: 6/15/08
Clip Length: 3 min. 51 sec.




Mike's Virtual Date in GTA Liberty City

GTA: Liberty CityIn episode 53: Mail Goggles, Mike describes his terrible virtual date in GTA Liberty City. Guesting on this episode is comedian and writer Chris Mosier. Download Clip
Clip length: 1 min. 23 sec.
Air Date: 10/12/08


Classic Los From The Coast

Carlos JaimeCarlos Jaime often plays a seductive DJ named "Los From The Coast" on the show. This character has become a favorite to the podcast. This clip is from Episode 59: Kanye West Hates Smart People with special guest Neva Reese. Download Clip
Clip Length: 2 min. 19 sec.
Episode Air Date: November 23, 2008


Mike Pines for a Girl and Her Dad Hates Him

Mike CostantiniIf you have ever seen the movie "Meet The Parents," Mike describes a very simalar experience with a girl he used to like. This very funny clip is from Episode 58: Lies I Tell with guest Amy Rhodes. Download Clip
Clip Length: 1 min. 51 sec.
Episode Air Date: November 16, 2008


Chris Mosier's Solution To The Awkward Silence

Chris MosierChris Mosier describes his solution to ending that awkward silence that can occur between two people meeting for the first time. For anyone that has ever feared that silence and lull in a conversation, this clip is for you. This clip is from Episode 53: Mail Goggles. Download Clip 
Clip Length: 3 min. 16 sec.
Episode Air Date: October 12, 2008


The Good Innkeeper

Carlos, Mike, Joe and Sean"The Good Innkeeper" is a Christmas sketch written by Joe Donatelli that was performed live on the show by Mike, Joe, Carlos and Sean. Carlos had the very important part of playing a sheep. If you close your eyes, you will think that Carlos is really a sheep. This "radio show" was performed in Episode 13: The Good Innkeeper. Download Clip
Clip Length: 7 min. 14 sec.
Episode Air Date: December 11, 2007


Mike's Weird Dream

The Second Column Podcast logoIn Episode 20: My Big TV Debut, Mike Costantini describes a dream which resulted in him wetting his bed. This episode featured guest Doug Driesel Jr. Download Clip
Clip Length: 2 min. 52 sec.
Episode Air Date: February 22, 2008


Mike's Love Of Ducks

Mike CostantiniEnter the madness of Mike's mind with this classic clip from a very old episode. In Episode 2: I Want You But I Really Want Eggrolls, Mike explains what cartoon character he finds attractive. It is best to just listen to this one. Download Clip
Clip Length: 2 min. 48 sec.
Episode Air Date: September 24, 2007


Dan Donatelli's Funny Party Story

Dan DonatelliIn Episode 36: In Opposition to the Open Door Policy, Dan Donatelli describes a very funny encounter with a girl at a party. The episode also featured guest comedian Chris Mosier. Download Clip
Clip Length: 53 sec.
Episode Air Date: June 15, 2008


Joe Insists Hawaii is Not a State

Joe DonatelliIn Episode 4: Business Hammocks, Joe refuses to accept that Hawaii is actually a state. Joe's statement launches an interesting and funny discussion about Hawaii. This episode featured the first guest of the show, Dan Donatelli, and the first audience member of the show, Tom Donatelli. Download Clip
Clip Length: 1 min. 46 sec.
Episode Air Date: October 5, 2007