Episode 90: Dino Ink With Samuel Child

Samuel ChildIn this epidsode we talked to actor Samuel Child about his many movie and television appearances, Sam being typecast as a guy with a dinosaur tattoo, awful YouTube train videos, Joe's alter ego Sven, Lionel train commercial remixes (the episode was a tad train-heavy) and the financial cost of Sean's pain and suffering. Samuel Child has appeared in the movies Lurking in Suburbia, The Hamiltons and the remake of April Fool's Day. He also has had roles in the television shows CSI: NY and Criminal Minds. Child is a onetime cast member of Pangea, the improv group in which Mike, Joe, Sean and Ed Galvez perform.

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written by Max Bramson, July 21, 2009
Nice mike really nice I thought we were supposed to be keeping all race stuff out.
And Carlos... Just go back to porn.smilies/grin.gif
written by Lyle Connecticus, July 20, 2009
Great show guys!
written by Mondaiji, July 16, 2009
Yeah, I'm with you Mike. All white people look the same.
written by Jackson Brunswidth, July 16, 2009
This episode is one for the books. That Carlos is a fiend. Mike is definitely the star of the show

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