Episode 116: Bingers And Blabs With Ilana and Liam Sullivan

Ilana Cohn-SullivanLiam SullivanThis week on The Second Column podcast we are joined by comedy video makers Ilana Cohn-Sullivan and Liam Sullivan as we talk about the real Jersey Shore (which is much like the MTV Jersey Shore), Red Dog beer and the Batman-sex connection and we take a listen to hilarious music from a lesbian folk singer. (Yes, such a thing exists.) Liam is in Another Showcase Showdown at the Lillian Theater on Feb. 4-5-6 and 11-12-13 and Ilana is in the Women in History show in early April at IO West. Download Episode 

Links to topics discussed on this week's show: Sweater BearUpside down Red Dog beer label, Susan Walker video for "Tinker", Susan Walker video "Shut up and Fuck Me"Phil Hendrie, Liam Show, TheFunClub

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written by Autumn, February 14, 2010
I bet Liam was having a hell of a time finding out what his wife was into during her highschool years smilies/wink.gif
written by Juana, February 08, 2010
Fact check:
The Dan Farmer to which Mike was referring was a wide receiver for UCLA football and a quick hitter for UCLA volleyball. He did go on to play NFL with the Bengals (and perhaps a couple of other teams). Jordan Farmar is the point guard to which Joe was referring.

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