Episode 174: Magic Underwear with Brian Dalton

Brian DaltonWriter/director Brian Dalton ("Mr. Deity") joins The Second Column podcast to talk about Mike's really tight shirt, receiving death threats from people who love God, magic underwear, atheism and the least crazy religion. Also, Mike describes a conversation with God. You can catch Mr. Deity -- which if you haven't guessed by now is a show about religion -- here.

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Episode 174: Magic Underwear

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written by Joe D, April 14, 2011
Thanks, William. We're not religion experts. Appreciate any insights!
written by William, April 12, 2011
Always love to listen to Brian. great show. One comment about homosexuality in the Bible. Most of what fundies and Mormons push today is based on mistranslations or parts of the Bible. The part in Leviticus is referring to ritual Canaanite practices. The parts in Paul are basically the same. Paul never used the term homosexual or the Greek term for a male - male relationship. And nothing is said about lesbianism.

Also, the Mormon Church isn't the fastest growing church. They are in decline in many areas.

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