Jeff SlonikerJeff Sloniker is a improv/sketch comedian. He received and never used his BA in Communications from Cal State Sacramento where he co-founded Sacramento's #1 comedy theater, The Sacramento Comedy Spot. Jeff has been a part of shows such as, CDR Sketch, Cabbages and Kings, Quick and Dirty Musicals, Losers Sketch Show, The Back Room, 420 Show and is currently part of THE MIDNIGHT SHOW. He's performed at such venues as the Portland, New York and San Francisco Comedy Festivals. Jeff is currently one of the hosts of THE BRO SHOW. You may also recognize him as a correspondent for Fuel TV's The Daily Habit . Jeff's crowning moment has been receiving a STONEY award from High Times Magazine's Stoney least that's what he thinks happened. Jeff is from the San Fransico Bay Area.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 25: By The Authority Invested In Me 3/30/08
Episode 39: In Appreciation Of Dive Bars 7/7/08
Episode 71: Dr. Sarno Healed My Back Pain 2/22/09 
Episode 125: Ding Dong Ditch 4/1/10