Bryan SafiBryan Safi is a writer and performer living in Los Angeles. He is a staff writer at Current TV for the half-hour show InfoMania. Before that, he was staff writer and Creative Executive for Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow and Adam McKay's web site Funny or Die .
At UCBTLA, Bryan created and performed the show Crystal and Push-ups , which received LAWEELY's "Pick of the Week" and the cover feature of "InMagazine." He also co-produced and starred in the play Three Companeros , a parody of Three's Company where he played Jake Gyllenhaal. Three Companeros was recommended by Defamer, and LA City Beat. Most recently, he performed a run of his one-person show Make Love in Ma Club. Bryan can also be seen from time to time in Sketch Cram, CDR Sketch and Let's Do This.
Bryan is a proud member of the UCBT Maude Team "Our Struggle" and is one-half of the two-person improv group "Raffie" with Amy Rhodes.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 98: Trapped In A Room With 13 Sharon Stones 9/17/09