Neva ReeseNeva Reese is a writer, stand up, improvisor and the most famous girl from Mountain Home, Idaho. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has been seen on stage at the Comedy Store, Improv Olympic West and Upright Citizens Brigade and as seen on television on Fox and VH1. She has been kicked out of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-West and the entrance of the Monte Carlo Casino for very similar reasons. Currently, she can be seen performing with her two improv teams: Jonny Whiteboard ( and weekly with Robert Margarita at iO West. You can find her online at Viva Nevita ( where she aspires to be an inspiration to the young women of America (Canadians accepted as well).

Episode Appearances:

Episode 59: Kanye West Hates Smart People 11/23/08
Episode 86: Shart 6/18/09
Episode 100: The Birthday Party Show 9/24/09