John Kyle GradyJohn Kyle Grady is an actor, writer, comedian, improviser, and host in Los Angeles. When he’s not doing any of those things, he appears on game shows. He’s been on eleven game shows, and has amassed a lifetime total upwards of $70,000 in winnings. He now is making the leap from contestant to host with his upcoming game show, “Slapca$h,” coming soon to a computer monitor near you. John brings two things every time he appears on the podcast: an irreverent, playful style, and his little dog Bert. He usually brings food, too!


Episode Appearances:

Episode 41: I Am Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby 7/19/08
Episode 60: My AdditionTo The Mystery Method 11/30/08
Episode 84: Retired Clippers Jerseys 6/3/09
Episode 134: 10-Minute Cat Hunt 7/19/08