ed galvezHailing From Salinas California, Ed Galvez has been involved with every angle of the Comedy scene. He is the writer and star of Awesomedude30, which can be scene on V-cast on Viva Vision or awesomedude30.blip.tv. He also hosts his own comedy show, The Ed Galvez Punk House every Wednesday at The Westside Eclectic. Ed has created such shows as Spiderman VS. The Golden Girls, Abraham Lincoln High School Home Of The Honest Otters and Esmaraldas Wish. Along with his One man show LOVE LIFE LIMB. Ed is also a member of Knife Fight an improv team that Has played all over the Country.

Episodes Appearances:

Ep 18: A bunch of boobs 2/7/08
Ep 28: Lies, deception and betrayal at Trader Joe’s 4/20/08
Ep 31: Kids in the Hall 5/11/08
Ep 50: The 50th podcast 9/21/08
Ep 52: The saddest places to drink 10/4/08
Ep 63: Progress and regression at The Happy Ending 12/21/2008
Ep 66: How to name-drop successfully 1/18/09
Ep 77: Bromance 4/5/09
Ep 88: CTU Agent Shlomo Martinez 7/02/09
Ep 100: The Birthday Party Show 9/24/09
Ep 112: Let It Go, Ed 12/31/10