Kevin FordKevin Ford moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and has since involved himself with improv, a little sketchwriting, some talent show hosting, and the occasional stand-up. He hasn't written a screenplay but has an idea about one where there's this bad-ass cop who can move stuff with his mind and, like, throw guys off of buildings and shit. Currently he performs with Great Adventure and there's stuff on Youtube that you can find by typing his name in. He hopes to one day have a girlfriend and he loves french fries.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 22: Flavonoid behavior theory 3/9/08
Episode 38 Product placement has gone too far 6/29/08
Episode 42: Definition of a douche 7/27/08
Episode 44: Signs of the times 8/10/08
Episode 52: The saddest places to drink 10/4/08
Episode 64: Malcolm Gladwell is wrong 1/4/09
Episode 73: The Watchmen 3/9/09
Episode 82: Graduation 5/21/09
Episode 95: Bad Jokes 8/26/09
Episode 100: The Birthday Party Show 9/24/09
Episode 112: Let It Go, Ed 12/31/09