Doug Driesel Jr.Doug Driesel Jr. is one of the rising stars of the Los Angeles comedy scene. Born in a small Missouri town, Doug has settled in Los Angeles, where he quickly climbed the ranks to be a regular at a number of local comedy hot spots. His appearance on The History Channel’s History of the Joke along side the greats of comedy, jump started his carreer across the country. It’s not unusual to see Doug headlining shows across the Midwest. Throughout all this, Doug has maintained a strong internet presence, including, but not limited to, award winning videos, his cartoon Clan of the Red Wolf and the critically acclaimed web comic Kevin Eleven, which is featured on a number of sites across the country.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 20: My Big TV Debut 2/22/08
Episode 34: United States Of Monkey Overlords 6/1/08
Episode 55: What I fear 10/25/08
Episode 63: Progress and regression at The Happy Ending 12/22/2008
Episode 79: Women want a ninja turtle 4/19/09