Daniel Donatelli

"Daniel Donatelli is perhaps the most influential writer of the 21st century. His highly anticipated annual release of Green Genes magazine depicts the cold, callous realization that we, as part of the human race, are a cosmic joke. It is a realization that makes us laugh but says we are merely ants swimming aimlessly in a fishbowl—silently awaiting our execution. Only a true writing genius can bring down the face of humanity, scouring it to the level of cockroaches, yet still make us muse at the sad truth that alienates mankind from the secrets of existence. He is the new Hunter S. Thompson. He is a brave warrior wandering the new lost generation, ripping through the cynicism of a dark planet left to rage on its own desecration. A salty sea captain is lost at sea in a fog and storm that punishes the ship like an abusive father abusing himself. In the distance he sees a beacon of hope—a dim light shining from a lighthouse. That lighthouse is Daniel Donatelli's writing. And ladies beware: his dick is as wide as the mighty Mississippi."
—Show Producer Michael Costantini

Episode Appearances:

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Episode 27: Speech 4/13/08
Episode 36: In Opposition To The Open Door Policy 6/15/08
Episode 45: I'm An NFL Quarterback...Now What 8/17/08
Episode 50: The 50th Podcast 9/21/08
Episode 52: The Saddest Places To Drink 10/5/08
Episode 61: Christmas Car Commercials 12/7/08
Episode 66: How To Name Drop Successfully 1/18/09
Episode 80: Love Thy Neighbor But Screw With The Lights Out 4/24/09
Episode 92: Dong In The Sun 7/29/09
Episode 100: The Birthday Party Show 9/24/09
Episode 107: Gobble Gobble 12/3/09
Episode 113: ER Theme Song Lyrics 1/8/10