Tom DonatelliTom Donatelli is the middle child of Sue & Vic's Awesome Son Franchise.  Tom spends his days working as a media and marketing whore and spends his nights umpiring Little League Baseball games in Santa Monica.  By far his greatest accomplishment is tricking his wife, Liz, into marrying him.  It took all of the Machiavellan tactics and shrewdness he could muster, but now she is locked in and can never ever get out of the marriage.  To talk TV, movies, baseball or Cleveland sports, Tom can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Episode Appearances:

Episode 10: Kids Table Manifesto 11/19/07
Episode 45: I'm An NFL Quarterback...Now What 8/17/08
Episode 80: Love Thy Neighbor But Screw With The Lights Out 4/24/09
Episode 91: Ooohhh 7/24/09
Episode 100: The Birthday Party Show 9/24/09
Episode 113: ER Theme Song Lyrics 1/8/10