Ross Marquand Profile

Ross MarquandAfter moving to Los Angeles, Colorado native Ross Marquand quickly garnered attention with credits in several independent films and various television shows.  His feature film debut placed him opposite cult actors Jesse Ventura & Mitch Pileggi ("Woodshop").  Marquand's breakout performance in "A Lonely Place for Dying" found him performing alongside Academy Award-nominee James Cromwell and Michael Wincott. 
Ross attained a shred of internet notoriety after writing "There Will Be Bud," a parody of Paul Thomas Anderson's classic "There Will Be Blood."  He enjoys impersonating many different celebrities including Harrison Ford, James Gandolfini, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and several others.  Also an accomplished voiceover actor, Ross has provided his unique vocal talents for numerous commercials and animated movies.  Marquand is noted for actively pursuing roles that require him to alter his voice and appearance considerably.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 148: Harrison Ford Impersonation 9/16/10